The private limited liability company Albrechta (UAB „Albrechta“) is the official importer of bentonite Albrexta – MV in Lithuania.

Bentonite clay powder is intended for the preparation of water-based drilling fluids and the adjustment of their properties while performing work by means of the horizontal directional drilling technique.

Bentonite clay powder, which is extracted by the factory Ilskij Zavod Utiazelitel of the Russian company NPO Burenij in Krasnodar Krai, is known for its special quality. And enriching its composition with 5% additional polymers allows obtaining an impeccable and universal combination that is perfectly suitable for most drilling conditions.

Bentonite Albrexta – MV is composed of:

bentonite clay (CAS 1302 – 78-9) – 94% by weight;

hydroxyethyl cellulose (CAS 9004-58-4) – 5% by weight;

xanthan gum (CAS 11138-66-2) – 1% by weight.

Bentonite Albrexta – MV – impeccable quality at the reasonable price!