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Albrechta, PLLC offers a wide variety of products and services related to horizontal ground drilling equipment. We take care of every project from start to finish, walking that extra mile whenever we help our partners. There is more information below, so you can get acquainted with the range of services and products offered at Albrechta.


Industries Served

Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to be able to work and communicate with different industrial directions. Providing parts and helping solve engineering problems at lightning speeds.

Directional drilling

Vertical drilling


Oil and gas





Drive Chucks & Saver Subs
Drive Chucks & Saver Subs

Starter Rods
Starter Rods

Beacon Housings
Beacon Housings



Pulling Ducts
Pulling Ducts

Bits and Heads
Bits and Heads


The products made by Albrechta are always manufactured in line with the highest industry standards, therefore the highest quality is guaranteed. Take a pick, we are sure you will be satisfied.

Why and how are we different?

Albrechta is the company where we do many things the extra way. Your needs are the top priority for our team of professionals. It does not matter what questions or worries related to your new ground drilling equipment you have, our team is ready to help you. Just contact us and let us know.

It is important to mention that we use the small size of our business to your advantage. It allows us to put the primary focus on clients’ needs, and demanding projects. 

We provide services at reasonable prices. Here is how

At Albrechta we believe and embrace that we should charge our customers the same amount we have spent on making the tools. And that is what we do. We value the quality of a product more than a nice package. Instead of focusing on designing a shiny, fancy package, we focus fully on the quality and the performance of the tool. Therefore, our pricing is very reasonable.

Let’s talk more and find the best solution for your business needs. Contact us in the way that works best for you, via e-mail or phone.


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Open Doors Days / September 26-28

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We hope that the year 2021 will bring you new challenges and interesting experiences in which we will always try to help!

Stay safe and active!

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