About us

We are Albrechta, a metal processing company that always puts maximum effort into providing the highest level of services. We are one of the leaders in manufacturing horizontal ground drilling equipment in Europe and we are proud of what we do. So, let us introduce our history, partners, and values.

Our history. Briefly

Our history started on the 10th of January in 2000. Initially there were only 3 employees working at our old workshop in a small town of Stanaičiai in Kaunas District. Since then we have grown into a bigger, more advanced company with more than 20 highly skilled employees who are now working in the new, modernized premises near Kaunas, in Naujieji Muniškiai.


Our partners

We take pride in our long-lasting, and trusted relationships with our business partners. Most of our customers (up to 70% of them) are based in other European countries, which shows that the product we deliver is valued on an international level. Usually we ship the products and workpieces countries such as:

  • Poland
  • Germany
  • the UK 
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Italy and more.

So, if you want to experience European class of service and quality you should consider Albrechta as your partner for creating parts for your horizontal ground drilling equipment.

What do we do to earn trust?

Simply, we work hard to meet your expectations and put our full attention to every detail. The team always take their time while analyzing the projects and if there is even a slightest chance of a technical failure, we quickly suggest the changes that are necessary and take actions to help and to make your project work flawlessly. Everything is done for the smoothness of your business.

The machinery available at Albrechta allows the production of one-off metal items designed by our engineers. In addition, we can offer our customers these metal processing services:

  • plasma cutting
  • welding
  • milling
  • drilling
  • turning

It is worth mentioning that the basic products made at our company can be used on various types of ground drilling machines. All of our services are done with having a customer and their needs as a priority, so the quality of the services is guaranteed.

Also, more on the machinery. All of it used at Albrechta is ready for anything. We are ready to process your orders quickly, efficiently, and most importantly tailored for you. Cutters, their plates, drills, turning tools and many more are enforced and can process the hardened metal to match the highest of your expectations. Contact us and we will find the best solution for you together.




Looking for a reliable & stable partner?

Professionals who can help you along your way

Albrechta offers the extra professional help for every customer. We put our maximum effort into perfecting our services so that every customer is happy and satisfied with the products provided by us. Also, like mentioned above, the machinery used at our company is extra strengthened so that it could handle the hardened metal. It is always more difficult to process the hardened metal, but that is what we do on a daily basis, and we do it good.

Our recipe for luck is the experience, dedication, and the team of highly skilled, and eager professionals. Our clients are a part this legacy and you could be too. Join and enjoy our premium services and products tailored specially for your needs.


We are always trying to stay ahead of the game looking for new and more efficient ways to turn metal into parts. For that reason our factory is well equipped with metal processing equipment.

Cutting of steels
Cutting of steels

Plasma cutting
Plasma cutting



Heat treating
Heat treating

Welding works
Welding works


Auger bending
Auger bending


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